Sunday, September 13, 2009

Echinacea 'Raspberry Truffle'

photo courtesy of A-B Cultivars

Another fine coneflower from Arie Blom and A-B Cultivars. This is one we have not seen but this is how it is described. "
Early July the first petals of the dark flower buds show their soft red color.The center of the flowers remain dark until the flowers have entirely developed. The firm flowers are fairly horizontal " It's hard to tell from the picture the difference between this plant and "Pink Double Delight" but we'll get back to you with our own pictures and description soon.

Mature Height
: 32 inches

Mature Width: 30 inches

Bloom Size: 3.5"

Form: Upright

Growth Rate: Fast

Light: Sun

Flower Color: Pink Raspberry

Foliage Color: Green

Zone: 4-8

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