Saturday, May 17, 2008

Echinacea 'Green Envy'

You get a whole lotta color with Green Envy. The flowers will start out lime green and daisy like and then slowly elongate into a dark purple petals. You get a rainbow of colors during its extremely long bloom period. Watch the cones transform in front of your eyes and when it's all done take a few inside to enjoy the blooms inside.

Mature Height: 30 inches

Mature Width: 36 inches

Form: Upright

Growth Rate: Fast

Light: Sun

Flower Color: Green to Purple

Foliage Color: Green

Zone: 3-9


GW said...
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GW said...

Saw your tweet about these. That's gorgeous! I'd love to grow some of those. I assume they can only be propagated from root divisions or cuttings?

A said...

Yes, they have to be divided or taken from cuttings. The seeds aren't true